Interview: Plateau Sigma

Last year Italian doom metallers Plateau Sigma released Rituals. Now, DutchMetalManiac’s Alessandro interviews vocalist/guitarist Manuel Vicari, read it below.

Bienvenuti! Thank you for having this long distance interview from Canada with me and DutchMetalManiac! I am impressed with your FB page story: “Plateau Sigma is a musical project born in the autumn of 2010, driven by one simple ambition: to unite the verb primordial death and doom metal to the rarefied and sensual atmospheres of new wave of dark rock”. Please explain!

Well, buongiorno a voi! We always try to unify the power and the mood of doom metal, with the sensuality and the atmospheres of the dark wave, it’s, and will always be our greatest “chimera”.

Is the world a better place with this new technology for spreading the gift of music or was it better to copy LP’s to cassettes and spread it around?

We used to say here in Italy, themedal has two faces, to explain the pros and the cons of certain things, in the good old times, there were much money and few bands, and less possibility to spread your words. Now you have all the “comforts” but you have to merge from a deepest oceans of bands, with similar feelings and behaviour. Always an hard task, isn it? Ahahahahah.

Having been to Italy and have relatives right there on Via Ventimiglia, Pegli, Pra, is the focaccia still amazing or did it go all gluten free? Oh sorry, metal, right. What’s the current metal trend around the Liguria and Europe in general and what do you think about it?

I was born in XXMiglia man! Glad you know our beautiful area! Fear not my friend, there are many artisans of ligurian products, trying always to follow the old and pure way, in order to maintain the traditions true! Ahahahah, best question ever!! Anyway, there are good bands everywhere, even in Italy, less band here in our region, but the question remains still one. Are you able to do the best you can, keeping a humble heart, to achieve your goal, we’ll try with all our strength to make music that could be decent, for us, and for the ones which listen.

So your band name; from where? What is your next level and are you on a plateau now?

The name Plateau Sigma derived from the name of the depressive black metal project Benighted in Sodom’s album. It sounded gladly, obscure, and sensual, no involving on drugs, I have to say, just an attempt to take an original monicker.

Can you say how you arrange and record your music? Is it a jam or does the writing get done first?

I’m the “main” songwriter, despite everyone worked hard in many aspects of the composition. Francesco is very focused on the sounds and the dynamics of the songs, Nino, always tries to be original and “one step forward” with his drumming style. Maurizio, he is the purest side of our project in term of music, so if we are moving too much “outside” the composition, because of our attempt to try something new, he draw us to retain the “pure” word of doom. As you can see, everyone with it’s part, is Plateau Sigma.

Give us some insight on your lyrics and where inspiration comes from for you.

Antiquity, rituals, sex, death, and science, with an esoteric and abstract attempt to be poetic, at least. We try ahahahah.

As we go, give us Plateau Sigma’s 2017 predictions:

1. WW III or Peace on Earth
2. Aliens Land – Aliens Keep On Going
3. Music Industry Better – Music Industry Worse
4. Italian Beer Better – Canadian Beer Better
5. Currently reading….

Italian and Canadian beer better, not just because Francesco’s brother is a very good beer maker! Ahahahahah, I’m joking, I prefer much more the peace on earth…

Thank you and all the best success! Before you go, please tell DutchMetalManiac’s 1500+ followers one last, important thing!

All the best to you too my friend, keep up the good work!! We are honored!! Hugs!

Plateau Sigma Facebook

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