Live review: Doomstad #1 at EKKO, Utrecht, The Netherlands, February 2nd, 2017

When you’ve seen Steak Number Eight live once you just need to experience it another time. When I saw the bill for Doomstad #1, I saw a killer line up and I needed to be a part of that crowd. As said, on February the 17th, I went to EKKO Utrecht for the concert.

The first band on the bill was Obese, the name says it all. Big, fat, huge riffs by the guitar player who really knew how to use his wah pedal better than Kirk Hammett does on his solo’s. It was also the last show for singer Koos. I think everyone there can agree he went out with a roar. The songs really stood out for me because of the enthusiasm put into the live show. Every single band member was enjoying themselves to the fullest and the crowd noticed! Halfway in the setlist Obese called forth from the audience their new singer. He seems like a very fitting replacement for the previous singer and their roars collided on a very load level.

Second on the list was the Rotterdam based doom band Dool, led by frontwoman Ryanne ‘Elle Bandita’ van Dorst. That was actually a surprise for me. I never heard of the band before but I was so glad I stayed for their setlist. Transforming the stage into a black hole with a 3 man strong guitar assault. Rarely have I seen a band who utilizes the three guitar assault better than Dool. Every guitar has its own melody or riff to play. It was a trance inducing experience for everyone in the building. Slowly closing your eyes and letting your neck take over control. Nodding along with the repetitive (in a good way) riffs. So far, so good and went to smoke outside with a dazed feeling in my head and ears.

Headliner of the evening and the best Belgian band you could ever find. Steak Number Eight. This band is a mighty force. Led by Brent Vanneste who produces screams you hear above the noise without even screaming into a microphone. With a setlist packed to make everyone feel like they have been hit by a truck while being already trampled by a herd of elephants. The riffs man… never before have I heard a song hitting harder than Dickhead live. While Brent and the crowd were screaming BANANA, BANANA, BANANA you could definitely see Brent slipping into the same spacey vibe everyone was into. With the outro things were just lost, Brent went totally fucking apeshit. After the last song he walked off stage on the side were I was standing and I looked him in the eye and there is something in his eyes that is not understandable. A bleak, grim, black hole. Pure rage and energy. Aggression in its primal form.

I’ve heard all studio recordings by this band and every damn song is amazing or has a good purpose in the full spectrum. The way Steak Number Eight brings songs to the stage is unheard of. Once again, it is an experience rather than a concert. You just slip away in your mind and snap out of it when the last note has ringed out.

Also on a side note, the sound engineers were the best I’ve ever heard. Every note was clear, not too loud and recognizable. Kudo’s are absolutely not enough to express it.

Wonderful evening put together by EKKO and Never Mind The Hype. I would like to express my gratitude to every band on the stage that night. You were all beyond amazing.

This is how a concert should be. 10/10. Take notes every other band on the planet.

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