Review: Anticlockwise – Raise Your Head

From the cruncher-chords and the mix of guttural to highs vox from Claudio, I was impressed!

With Slave the tempo shocks me at the ability of these lads. The piano accompaniment is excellent and is a nice touch on this record. These short little pieces are solid on albums and allow the band to jam a little and demo their skills. Nice!

Raise Your Head was a little disjointed and disconnected for me, but has some great playing a la Yes, (which have never been a favourite of mine.) Perhaps many will disagree, but that’s what I hear. The double bass and frenetic tempo and high vocals make this a little much, although some of the background vocals soften it a touch.

The buildup of Mothertongue had me waiting in anticipation and the scream at about 1:03 didn’t disappoint. This has King Diamond-ness all over it and the song is near one of my favourites. No actually, the more I listen to it, it is my fave.

The screamo-type rap on The Broken Mirror at about 00:52 on freaks me out and again makes me appreciate how this band can incorporate different styles and make it work into a unique sound. How this transitions to a Dream Theater-type arrangement and chorus is simply amazing. This is powerful stuff indeed.

These guys are smart and modern, and the song Into the R.A.M. shows how they can switch from hard playing to a more melodic/progressive rock. An anthem chant to be sure! The riffing at 4:08 was sick and the tempo change at 4:18 surprised me with its vestiges of Rush’s Villa Strangiato.

Dystopia MMXVI is incredible ringtone-bait and I can’t wait to see them use that as an opener at their gigs. There is great orchestration and setup for the rest of the album. While their FB page says they are prog/thrash I am in agreement, as they meld these genres seamlessly. Good production and all elements are clear and mixed well. The vocals continue to sear at all ranges and the adeptness Claudio continues to play them. The rest of the band is simply incredible in their playing and would be awesome live.

These guys from Bergamo, Italy, according to their FB will be at Isola Rock – February 4th @ 9:00pm I hope it rocks well and their career shoots upward as fast as their track The Wire; excellent chorus!


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