Review: Beneath A Godless Sky – Beneath A Godless Sky

Very cool album! The vestiges of Fear Factory, Frontline Assembly and other industrial gears and sprockets are thrown in for a great sound. This Parisian quartet, currently sans bassist, has a momentous occasion since their 2013 get together. Their Ep is done and it rocks hard.

Claiming djent/hardcore genre, I don’t think that muted hand guitars is anything new (nothing is and getting less new by the minute), they perform amazing material, sound clear and tight and manage to keep the rock going. I think this is less djent than “Melodic HardThrash”. There, I’ve created a new sub-genre of the current sub-sub-genres.

Divided is a pounding, vicious number sweeping across the metal plains. Very nice! The bass line is worthy of Steve “Iron Maiden” Harris fast-assed playing and is very crisp and enjoyable. Again, no bassist listed currently???

Broken Street. My favourite on here and a well-played, nearly I say, a slow/love song? Well done with smooth yet hard chords and chorus. Well placed harsh vox and is easily on my mixtape. This is a fine example of their writing and playing ability and lends itself to the progressive style they also cite on their FB page. Nicely done!

Faith+One is a smoking song, while musically all over the place for me, the changes and tempo are cool and hold many influences. The writing is excellent and the arrangements very tight; I like it very much and you will too. The slow down at about 03:02 onward is amazing! Good, powerful vox accompanied by chug-a-chugging guitar makes a super sound, newer than I’ve heard in a long time.

Let’s hope these lads get on the road and get writing some more!


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