Review: Edenbridge – The Great Momentum

If you ask me Edenbridge sets themselves apart from other bands in the genre. Why? This mostly has to do with Sabine Edelsbacher’s characteristic vocal style. Even though these vocals do sound a bit poppy at times, especially when it comes to the heavier metal tracks, it’s clear that Edenbridge focuses on clear and bombastic vocals. You can not only hear this in the up-tempo metal tracks, but also in the somewhat quieter songs and even in the beautiful ballads like Until The End of Time. Is this necessarily a good thing? I would say it is not. It goes without saying that Sabine Edelsbacher can sing. Quite admirable actually but, every now and again I have a feeling she could just as easily been in a musical or something. Granted, I am not familiar with the earlier Edenbridge albums, so I can’t say whether this is common for the band or if in some cases it would have been better to tone the bombastic greatness down a bit. However, this is certainly not the case in the earlier mentioned Until The End of Time. In this case, adding the male vocals makes it a very harmonious track.

What also stands out are the awesome guitar solos, the Spanish-like acoustic guitar in The Die Is Not Cast and the catchy The Moment Is Now. Not forgetting the awesome all-round greatness of The Greatest Gift of All. What an incredible epic closing event!

All-in-all The Great Momentum by Edenbridge does what it needs to do and is a straightforward metal record with a lot of diversity in the songs and prominent leading vocals, which do take some getting used to. But once you do, you will surely be pleased!

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