Review: Evenline – In Tenebris

I remember well, around the year 2000, that I got introduced to the Dutch grunge/metal band Green Lizard. When listening to the first song of Evenlines new album In Tenebris, I immediately think back to the year 2000.
The band sounds, like Green Lizard did, energetic, with clean vocals in a more or less progressive metal style. But meanwhile, we are 17 years on, and it would be strange if music like this did not evolve in some way. Luckily it did. Evenline adds grunts to make the music more aggressive and angry every so often, but on the whole the music can be labelled as melodic nu-metal. The problem is that it is very hard to be really outstanding in this type of music, since we have heard a lot of it in the last 10/15 years.
On the whole the album stands well enough, the energy is there, but I think making the sound rawer and less produced would make the band come forward in a better way. Lyrics in for example Never There: You were never there During all this time Even by my side From cradle to grave You were never there, have potential if there was more emotion in the vocals.
Interesting on this album: the band made a cover of Jamiroquai’s Deeper Underground. That one starts of really nice and gives the song a good body.
Oddly enough, Evenlines previous album, Dear Morpheus, works better on me because the way the guys present the songs is fresher, pointier in a sense.
So all in all, Evenline is a good band and I think their live performance would make the songs come alive more. If they would take that live energy and pour it into an edgy album, next one will be a blast!

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