Review: False Reality – End Of Eternity

False Reality goes back quite a few years, although not many albums saw the light. One can hear that the band sounds like a whole and the music has over the years matured to be able to produce this really good album.
There are a few things odd about the sound of the band, but who said ‘odd’ is a bad thing? Sometimes listening to the album feels like being in between the studios of Dimmu Borgir and Katatonia. On the one hand there is melodic rock, on the other hand a hinge to black metal. This can easily be annoying: make up your mind, please, but the band makes it work very good. The song in the middle of the album, Rih Al Khamsin is basically the best way of hearing a balance in the different styles. Almost like the ‘beauty and the beast’- effect in gothic metal, the grunts and clean, almost pop-style vocals weave in in a great way.
After the start that is quite clearly some sort of melodic death, It was a bit of a frightening thing to suddenly hear the very clean vocals in the second song The Silence Within, but after getting used to it, the combination is great. Although the end of the song is a bit too much snatching from any black metal band, the songs are all rocksteady. The album is never boring, every so often new influences pop up without losing the metal feel to it.
The album finishes off with the 8 minute song Dear Friend. Here the accent of the Romanians is heard for the first time and can work out a bit weird. But then again it sounds disarming in a way and after having heard this really surprisingly great album it is easy to forget an forgive that. Then again…maybe they wanted to give the album a Transylvanian touch 😉

Musical advise? Not hard: go and buy.

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