Review: Icarius/Drive By Suicide/Malignity/Lycaon – Army Of Metal Compilation

Army Of Metal was an metal evening on March 5th, 2016 in StudioGonz, Gouda. DutchMetalManiac’s Nino Milillo already wrote a live review about it here.

Now, there is a compilation released with four bands who played that night. Let’s give it a spin!

We are starting with Say No More by Icarius. These six guys hail from Den Haag, The Netherlands and I really like Say No More. It’s heavy, melodic and really well-done! Those vocals from Nick van Oorschot are really powerful, and together with the music it all fits really well. I think, this is something a lot of people can like. From metalheads who can enjoy some melodic tunes to rockers who sometimes enjoy heavier stuff.

Next are Dutch groove metallers Drive By Suicide with Fuck This. Immediately when Fuck This starts, it can be heard that this is heavier than the first track. Wow, this is nice! It’s very massive and all parts are perfectly fit into each other. Very great bass-lines, great drumming, add some nice guitar-tunes and a vocalist who can do raw vocals as well as other styles in a nice way, great job!

Third track is called Darkness Of Hell by Malignity. Malignity’s music is metal, but not really fitting into one specific subgenre. In fact, they have a lot of styles in their influences. That’s something you can hear in Darkness Of Hell, which is starting with some building up in a melodic style. Soon it’s getting heavier, it has groove in it as well as melodic tunes. Vocally you’ll hear deep, intense grunts. This is some heavy stuff with a lot of energy in it, very awesome!

Fourth and last track is by a band called Lycaon. Three members of Lycaon were from the Rotterdam-based black/death band Proditor. Now, in Lycaon, the musical style is symphonic black metal with elements of doom in it. Their track is called The Curse Of Lycaon. I really like this track, but I think it’s not very special. It’s symphonic black, done in a good way, but that’s it. However, the narrator-parts are nice, but it still feels not very special.

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