Interview: Eight Sins

In November last year French metallers Eight Sins released their latest album called Serpents. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with them, you can read it below.

Hey, how are you doing?

Hi, we’re fine and you!

Eight Sins, why did you choose for this name?

Believe me or not but there is truly a sin number Eight. It’s called the « vain glory », this one is about the search for glory in each little thing you do (like the number of blue thumbs on your last selfie). This one serve all the other and lead to them. Humans can be so evil that it must exist an eighth sin.

It’s also a cool name that sounds great for us and people can think about it.

You play hardcore with thrash metal influences. How is the metal/hardcore scene in France?

We live in a city with a real metal and rock scene, we are proud to be a part of it. In our country, there is a ton of very good bands who dreamt about spreading their sound in good scene condition or maybe in the Hellfest, but there is only few places to play and there is a real lack of rehearsing structure. Of course, there are few places who accept violent music, maybe people who have fun is an awful show…

You started in 2006, released your debut album in 2008 and last year you already released your fourth release, Serpents, what are the differences between Eight Sins then and Eight Sins now?

I think we have accepted our thrash influences, each of us grown listening to thrash and metal. At the very beginning, we were a part of the Lyon hardcore scene, so we played something close to hardcore, but our friends never stopped to tell us that we were too metal! So I think it’s just a return to our musical roots, we now play something which sounds like us: fast and loud. It’s also the first album with our amazing drummer Jambon who plays so well thrash music.

About the cover of Serpents, what is the story behind it?

Our singer Loxi designed it, he is a talented tattoo artist and a crazy drawer. In this picture, you can see a politician with a goat head, speaking to mass media microphones. This is the way we see politics and power, only serpents who tried to corrupt everything they touched. We think they have no honor, no humanity, no values… a nice bunch of pieces of shit.

Your music is very powerful with a lot of energy in it, what does an Eight Sins concert look like?

It’s based on sweat, violence and smile. We really love to play on stage and we think the crowd can feel it. We always give all our rage and energy, even if there are 10 or 1000 people. We hope everyone have good time coming to see us. We do it with passion, not for money or glory or something else, just for fun, friendship and party.

How do you prepare for your shows?

Haha good question, we get naked and make love with our instruments… no it’s a joke. We try to see the band who played before us to feel the crowd then we go to the lodge and practice some warm up training lead by Arno our guitarist. It’s pretty funny for the promoters to see us jumping everywhere. Then we drink a shot and we go on stage!

About your shows in the history of Eight Sins, what is the most memorable moment you want to share?

We remember about a very cool moment during one of our tours: we played in Bolzano (Italy) in a parking with young hardcore kids and we must take care to the police because it was an illegal show. After the show we crossed the police on street, they checked our id for thirty minutes and finally decided to escort us to the hostel with their lights.

Can we expect some tourdates in support of Serpents?

For sure! We are currently preparing a tour this fall so let us know if you want to see Eight Sins in your town!

Any other future plans for Eight Sins?

We begin to write next album, listening to Slayer. It will be fast, loud and metal! And off course more beers and moshpit.

Thanks for the interview. Is there something you want to share with our readers?

Thanks to you. Go on Bandcamp and grab our last album Serpents, it will gives you a ten hour erection… or not…

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