Interview: Yggdrassil

In January, Spanish metallers Yggdrassil released All Shall Burn, which is already reviewed by DutchMetalManiac’s Julia Obenauer here. She also interviewed them, you can read it below.

Hey guys! Thank you for doing this interview with DutchMetalManiac. Could you briefly introduce your band?

Hi , we are Yggdrassil a death/Viking metal band from Zaragoza, Spain. We are so happy to have the privilege of being interviewed by you, we are so glad, this will be our first international interview.

How did you guys meet up? How was the band formed?

We all are friends since our childhood, so we meet all days practically. That’s how we meet up. And talking about the band, we started playing covers songs with the goal of entertainment, we just meet and play some songs and go back home. But quickly we decided to start playing our own songs, so we started to compose what is our current EP.

The band name already hints to it: you’re a Viking metal band. What fascinates you about the genre?

We all are fans of all the histories about the Norse mythology, so that’s the reason why we started this. About music, we are fans of lots of bands with the “viking”, ”folk”, ”pagan” …description, which brutal sounds inspire us to play this kind of music.

You just released your first album called All Shall Burn. How did you experience the process? How did you guys approach the songwriting and the recording?

We take some time to finish at 100% our songs, so at the time we enter the recording, all songs were made with the same process, (first we made the instrumental line and after this our singer adapt his lyrics to finish the song) except for one, but that is top-secret documentation.

How long did it take it to get the whole album done?

It was 3 weeks of recording (some days, we never went days in a row because of our work and studies), and more or less one month of mastering.

You’ve had some influences of Amon Amarth on your record. Any other bands that particularly inspire you?

This question is hard to answer, because every member of the band has different taste for metal music, for example our singer is a great fan of Six Feet Under, our guitar player is fan of Arch Enemy and our drummer is fan of Wardruna, Behemoth… Are such different tastes, and the mix is our own sound.

Can we anticipate on another record soon? Any plans in that direction?

We have to record one more song for one of our patrons from our crowdfunding, that’s the reward we must give to him.

You’re a starting band from Spain. How’s the Spanish metal scene? Did you already get your foot in the door there?

We are a scene which is starting a great expansion, either in Spain or Europe. We already played with some of the greatest Spanish underground metal bands like Northland, Drakum or Incursed. Bands that had their gigs over Europe and great friends now. So we make a name place in the pagan scene in Spain.

Did you guys tour already? Where have you been? Any cool memories from your life on the road you feel like sharing?

We already have toured over Spain to promote our last EP, there are lots of great memories like parties, car travels, backstage bizarre stories….But those are memories which is better to keep in secret.

Do you plan a supporting tour for this album? Where can we see you?

Yes we are closing some gigs around Spain to promote this CD. And if it’s possible we would like to play in another country that would be awesome. But for now, you must wait and check our social pages to get more info.

What was the best gig you played so far?

We played lots of great gigs, we cannot choose only one because we shared stage with bands like Thyrfring, Avulsed, Tyr… an lots of Spanish bands which were awesome gigs.

Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Check our Social Nets and follow us, and if you’d like to help us, buy our CD in our own webpage and in our Bandcamp.

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