Review: Akral Necrosis – Underlight

I am a huge fan of black metal and any other incarnation of it possible, even black n’ roll, there is simply something that always draws me into the genre, and this band with this album took all of that and stepped it up a notch.

Although the first track may give you an impression that this is a typical black metal album, it is completely on the opposite side. The tracks differ a lot from one another and every song gives you a new feeling. There is also a track on the album that has a more doom metal feel, as it starts with a two minute bass riff. Now for the more technical side of things, the recording is quite crystal clear, all the instruments are heard clearly, even the bass can be heard and it is not too high in the mix. Another thing I need to mention is the vocals, the vocalist used a rather limited range of vocal techniques, but nonetheless, the techniques were used in a right way and contributed to the general feel of the album for me. Also the levels of the vocals were not too high, as seen in most modern metal albums.

In general, I liked this album. It is not a revolutionary album or anything like that, but for someone who likes black metal it is still a great album and will definitely be on repeat for me in the future.

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