Review: Sail – Slumbersong

This marks the first release for the stoner sludge band Sail. Formerly known as Husk. A heavy piece of riff-fest this is. After receiving countless comparisons to Baroness, a very heavy weight in the scene, I had to listen for myself and find out what the fuzz was all about. Pun intended.

After listening to their first moniker Husk, I found a heavily matured band. Perfectly knowing what they are doing and as for the listener, we know pretty good what to expect from this album. The production quality of the album has been doubled at least and the riffs have become catchier and heavier. Especially the guitar parts on this album grip the listeners attention throughout. A lot of grooving and smooth melody lines complement each other with the bass guitar not left behind in the mix.

The listening experience as a whole is not wasting time on letting you bob your head with the infections rhythm parts. Further on in the album shines the highlight of the whole effort with a song named Righteous. It clocks in just over 5 minutes and it makes for a real crowd pleaser in the future. Shouting and headbanging galore. The build up to the conclusion of the album is a really nice and smooth transition as well, it climaxes on the track called Shimmer. Which is also the longest track on the album , clocking in at about 7 minutes. It takes you on a journey and grips you in its might. This track does not let go of you until the very last second.

The thing with this album for me is that it is not that original. There are bands like this flooding the scene almost desperate to sound different. Although I admit I’ve never heard this take on stoner/sludge before. I hope this record will get Sail out of the underground. Let them play some shows with Baroness or Bossk or Ohmms. That would be interesting right?


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