Review: Shape Of Despair – Alone In The Mist

Finnish doom metallers Shape of Despair have released their critically acclaimed album Monotony Fields in 2015, after 11 years. Only about a year later we are blessed again with musical output, this time with the EP Alone in the Mist – which is a new release of an EP already recorded in 1998. Back to the roots it is!

It is quite tough to listen to this older record after the milestone album Monotony Fields. The longplayer is very atmospheric and melancholic. Same holds true for the EP, but still it can be perceived that it was made at the beginning of the band. Pro: We have melancholic tunes, deep growls and slow guitar passages which create an almost ghostly atmosphere. Con: unlike in the 2015-album, there’s very little variation and the sound is not at its best, either. This all adds to a general feeling of boredom while listening to the six songs, and I think will only appeal to die-hard fans of the band and the genre.

In conclusion: what was surely thought of as a back-to-the-roots experience for fans ends up being a rather unnecessary release, with little diversion… Unfortunate, but until new material will be released we can dwell on Monotony Fields! 5/10.

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