Review (+ track premiere!): Occulta Veritas – The Inner Wail

Fans of Noise Trail Immersion might know him as one of the guitarists for that band, Daniele Vergine. Daniele now has his own one-man-band, it’s called Occulta Veritas. Whether you are a fan of Noise Trail Immersion or not, it doesn’t matter. This is something you have to check out! Soon, on March 24th, his first full-length The Inner Wail will be released.

The music on The Inner Wail is fully instrumental, but I guarantee you, vocals won’t be missed. Musically you get a combination of post and math metal which has influences of black metal and hardcore in it. It also has a very progressive feeling overall. Warn your neighbors (or not), put your speakers on a high volume, sit back, close your eyes and let the music do its work. It really is some amazing, heavy, technical music, and it also has some parts to give your ears a bit of rest. Most of the time on The Inner Wail there are a lot of different things to hear, but it won’t be messy. Instead it is perfectly combined and it makes sure it’s difficult for your mind to get distracted from the music. Sometimes it almost sounds like a controlled chaos, and I mean chaos in a good way.

Overall, The Inner Wail by Occulta Veritas is a really awesome release. It’s like a rollercoaster, and a hell of a good one! Daniele Vergine did a great job creating this and I am already looking forward to the next release from Occulta Veritas.

Of course, The Inner Wail isn’t released yet, but we can imagine that you already want to listen to it. Guess what? You have to wait a little longer to listen all of it, but we can give you a sneak peek, because we are stoked to give you an premiere of the track Nonsense, Oblivion. Check it below!

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