Review: Yggdrassil – All Shall Burn

Viking/melodeath metal band Yggdrassil from Spain are around since 2012. The quintet has one EP under its belt, and released their full-length, called All Shall Burn, on the 20th of January this year. Let’s check it out!

All Shall Burn starts off with an instrumental, where Celtic and Viking elements are mixed with a more futuristic sound. Very interesting to listen to, and quite unique. The lyrics on All Shall Burn revolve around the Norse gods, mythology, war and the beginning and end of times, as for instance on the title track: “War, mother of all mankind / Time, our time has come to rise / Fire, the world will be painted in flames / Freyr, embrace the edge of my sword”. Sound-wise, Yggdrassil are very alike other Viking metal bands, e.g. Amon Amarth. Still, the songs are nicely done and well-produced. Slower and faster passages can be found in each song, which still makes the record diverse. Only pity: these guys haven’t really developed their own trademark sound yet, making the album more generic as it needed to be.

Conclusion: All Shall Burn is a good Viking metal album, and will satisfy any fan of that genre. While the quintet surely has musical talent, they still lack a bit a unique, trademark sound. However, I am optimistic that this will come, as this is a band to keep an eye on and the album still fun to listen to! 7.5/10.

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