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Today Brazilian metallers Nervochaos will release their new album called Nyctophilia. DutchMetalManiac’s Don Anelli already reviewed it for you here and below you can read his interview with Nervochaos’ drummer Edu.

Well, first off, let’s talk about the new album. Are you pleased with the reactions so far?

The reactions so far have been great, both from the media and the crowd, but most important is that we are pleased with the new album. I think we’ve managed to gather all elements from the band and from our past releases and have it all on the new material. I believe it is our best album up to date.

Do you have a favorite track off the album? What makes it special for you?

All tracks are special but of course I have a few favorite ones. For example, Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam, is a very unique song and different from everything we’ve done so far…it has more of that rock’n’roll vibe but it’s heavy and catchy too. Another example would be Ritualistic which has more variety, it’s more extreme and I would say it’s a very Nervochaos style of song, same goes out to Dead End. Moloch Rise is one more example, it’s a very old school straight forward death metal style of song.

This was recorded at Alpha Omega Studio. Why did you decide it was right to record there, especially being outside of Brazil for the first time?

We’ve worked with Alex Azzali (owner of Alpha Omega) in our last two albums. First we’ve worked with him only doing mixing and mastering of the album To The Death in his studio. So we recorded in Brazil and send it to him do the mixing and mastering jobs. Then, for the album The Art of Vengeance, Alex flew to Brazil for the recording and again took mixing and mastering to his studio in Italy. We’ve liked the outcome of both albums and it felt like a natural step for us to do the new album, the whole process, over his studio in Italy. So we had a summer European tour booked (July) and decided to stay longer (August) in Europe and record the new album there.

Why did you decide to work with producer Alex Azzali? Did he bring out anything special to the material while you were recording?

As I’ve mentioned above, we were happy with the cooperation between us and Alex. He understands the band, our proposal and managed to make us sound better but without losing our vibe, our characteristics and our proposal. He also gave us some good ideas to the songs and its structures, so like we say over here, ‘we don’t change the line-up of a team that’s winning’.

Your new record will be released on the legendary label Cogumelo Records. What was it like when they decided to release the album?

This is the 3rd studio album Cogumelo is releasing and we’re very happy to be part of such a legendary label. They’ve signed us in 2012 and since then I think both sides are very pleased with the partnership and how things are working. We’re the hardest working band on the label, so besides all the re-releases that they do, I think we’re the best selling active band on the label. We’re proud to be part of that team and we hope that partnership lasts many more years.

Now that Thiago has rejoined the lineup after a decade away and new members Cherry and Lauro Nightrealm onboard, how has this new version of the band been accepted by the fans?

It’s been great and mainly because it’s the strongest line-up the band ever had. All musicians are experienced, bring their own baggage and together there’s the needed chemistry. We’re a touring band so the new line-up got tight very fast and the best way to promote and get accepted by the fans is thru the live performances, thru all the touring. So with the new album, most of our fans already know what to expect from this line-up and from the band.

The last three tombstones on the cover art are for the three guests on the album. How did you get them to record their parts for the release?

Good point! We weren’t planning any guests on this album, but during the recording process we were visited by a few friends that happened to be in the area and we’ve decided to invite them to do something on our new album. Bolverk (Ragnarok) gave us all the guitar riffs for Vampiric Cannibal Goddess song. Seb (Into Darkness) and Leandro (R.N.S.) did guest vocals on some tracks. It was a pleasure and an honor for us to have them as guests in our new album.

When you first started out, did you ever foresee the band having lasted this long?

Not at all. I never even thought about how long the band would last. At first we wanted to have a band and be able to play some shows in our town. Then we wanted more, we wanted to release albums and do tours. It all happens so fast and naturally that now when I look back 20 years have passed but somehow I still feel ‘fresh’ and looking forward for more 20 years. We do it for passion and not fashion.

For those unfamiliar with your sound, what makes the perfect Nervochaos song?

We’re not trying to invent the wheel or be the fastest or goriest band on Earth. We do what we like and we don’t want to be limited by music styles or musical labels, so if we have to classify our music, I would say we do extreme music. We’re an 80s fueled blackened extreme band with raw, aggressive, dirty and passionate music ranging from old school thrash metal, old school black metal and old school death metal but it has a HC/punk feeling added to it. Our lyrics are mainly about the occult arts, Satanism and mythology but we do have a few lyrics about today’s harsh reality that we all experience in our day-by-day lives.

If you could travel back and give your younger self career advice, is there anything you would tell them?

Believe in yourself and just do it. Life’s too short to not pursuit your dreams. Never give up your dreams for somebody else, stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Stay sick and keep it fuckin’ METAL!

What plans do you have to promote the album as far as tours or videos?

We’ve released 3 video clips for the new album. We already did a 15 dates Latin American Tour with Krisiun and we’re doing an 7 dates Asian Tour together in May too. We have a huge Brazilian Tour being booked for June, July and early August. We also plan to tour Europe in September and October. And hopefully for November and December we’ll be touring somewhere as well.

So, we’ll end this on a fun note. What’s your all-time favorite track to play live?

With seven studio albums out it’s not always the easiest task to choose songs for a 30 minute gig or even a 45 minute gig, so we try to choose the songs people like the most. Personally I enjoy a lot playing all our songs and I wish we could play more often less well-known tracks which are a bit more challenging…to mention one of my all-time favorite track to play live I would say it’s Pazuzu is Here.

Do you wish to say something to our readers?

First of all, thanks a lot for such an interesting interview and for the support. Check us out on tour. For updates visit our website. For passion, not fashion…to the Death!

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