Review: Nervochaos – Nyctophilia

Still carrying strong to this day, Brazilian death metal maniacs NervoChaos have been around for just over two decades and have remained one of the most consistent if not prolific acts in the genre which has been the result of several line-up changes over the years. With longtime member Eduardo Lane joined by new guitarist Cherry, Lauro on guitars and vocals as well as a returning Thiago Anduscias, the groups’ seventh full-length effort arrives April 7, 2017 on a coproduction with Greyhaze Records and the legendary Cogumelo Records.

Holding true to their legacy, the group pretty much offers the same explosive attack that served them well throughout their storied career. That means efforts like Moloch Rises, Ritualistic and The Midnight Hunter feature a sharp series of simple, churning riff-work and rapid-fire tempos, offering plenty of blistering rhythms that bring along the raw, primitive blackened style. Offering a small stepping between the charging riff-work and dripping simplistic work overall as part of their style, this offers up a truly dark and furious attack that really gives this a frantic effort. When this drops off into softer realms as on Ad Maiorem Satanae Glorium, Season of the Witch and Vampiric Cannibal Goddess there’s a difference in the intensity and driving riff-work featured throughout here as the straightforward churning style on display here works incredibly well with the faster sections yet not on these slower parts which just sounds sluggish and barely devoid of any energy or enthusiasm. It’s the single detrimental issue to be found here as the rest of the album, no matter how tight and confined the majority of the rhythms may seem, soak in that tight and brutal atmosphere which helps to overcome these issues.

Carrying on with a strong, familiar sense to their traditional sound, the group is certainly giving off another solid release that has plenty to like and only a few minor issues to be found here that makes this a fine choice for fans of their previous work or those into the Brazilian extreme metal scene in general. 8/10

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