Review: Skyclad – Forward Into The Past

A quite interesting album to review for me, Skyclad gave me something to think about. The band combined a lot of styles, instruments and melodies in this album, and for me as a musician in a band that has a similar approach in making music but in a different light, it made me think about new experimentation.

The tracks are all different, and the styles of music in them varies in riffs not only songs, as you can find hardcore influenced riffs, prog metal riffs, folk metal riffs and more, all over layered with folk melodies and sharp vocals. There is an instrumental track on the album that can be mistaken for a Blind Guardian song if you did not know better. The instruments used vary, I at least heard some classical folk instruments, combined with modern instruments and the fusion is brilliant. Now, the quality is over the top, the instruments are heard with great ease, the vocals as well. The only small complaint I have is that at some minute points of the album it is a bit too loud for my taste, because of the layering of all of the instruments and really high vocals. I like the vocals as they are not too high in the mix, they do dominate but even then it is not deafening to the point that you need to reduce the volume. The theme of the album gave a bit of a Irish feel while listening to it, and the lyrics for the songs are great, as it gives off the feeling that you are around a campfire and listening to bards telling stories, a much more power metal feel than most.

All in all, the album is great, and I absolutely loved it from begin to end, and in all retrospect this album is one of the masterpieces that can be introduced as a power metal masterpiece. I give it a 10/10.

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