Interview: Scum

Last year Italian metallers Scum released Humana. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed them, read it below.

Hey guys, how’s life?

Hi, it’s all ok!!! 🙂

In October you released your third full-length called Humana, how is the response you got so far?

Maybe we are expecting something more but we are still promoting Humana, we wait a little longer!!:)

Can you explain what can be seen on the cover of Humana and why you choose this?

The cover of Humana is a jellyfish with a human brain in place of the body, is an idea of the new singer Carlo Settembrini. It represents the ability and man’s tendency to manipulation.

The intro of Humana, called We Are The Evil, is a speech from Gustav Jung about human as the origin of all evil. What is your vision about humanity?

Our vision of humanity is one of the most pessimistic. The indifference and the lack of empathy are the topics covered in the album. We are the evil and it is true, but whether to suffer or not is our choice. Unfortunately, it’s easier to do evil than to do good!

All bass in Humana was played by your old bass player Simon Blust, now you have a new bass player called Mauro Calia. What was the reason to part ways with Simon?

Simon has played with us for 5 years, he is a friend and a great musician, unfortunately his work and family commitments were not compatible with the band and we jointly agreed to replace him with Mauro. Simon is our first fan!!

What made you decide Mauro was the right choice for this job?

We knew Mauro for a lot of time, we needed a person who, in addition to having technical skills, had human beings compatible with us, and we did not go wrong.

At the end of November, you supported Annihilator on their last European date in St. Petersburg, Russia. How was it for you?

It was a fantastic experience. Playing with a historic metal band from the world in front of a large, unlearned audience.

You also just had the release party for Humana. How did the audience respond to the new music?

The release party we did in a Grosseto’s club so we played at home, but it was more than a year we did not perform in our town and the audience responded well to the new formation.

What are Scum’s plans for the future? Can we expect some touring, for example?

For the moment we are promoting Humana with a tour of 5 dates in Italy, and we are looking forward to foreign proposals for the next winter. We have good contacts also thanks to our manager Giacomo Paradiso, we hope to visit also Holland!

Is there something you want to say to the readers of DutchMetalManiac?

Ah ok, support SCUM on our Facebook page and on our official website. Rock n roll guys!!! \m/

Scum Official Website
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