Review: Disbelief – The Symbol Of Death

As a non-fan of black/death/shit metal, I have to state this isn’t bad. From the thundering double-beats of the opening track Full Of Terrors and the refreshingly understandable Gravocals™, this band might just sway me to the Dark Side (not my trademark that one). A new and fresh 13 track release, it is sure to impress (and has) most of the bands.

Moody, plucking bassline intro of The Unsuspecting One and the cool talk intrigued me and pleasantly surprised by the next smashing crescendo of this tight knit 5 piece group from Germany. The bridge at 2:33 is neat and flows wonderfully into the next segment. The arrangements are impressive and a testament to the bands skill and experience.

Sporting a very informative and well organized FB page, you can see them in action on many vids. The title track, while I tire of the (albeit) brief visual of the marching Nazi theme, is a slow plodding uphill climb into the dark metal world. Crunching guitars and vox in the near same crushed rock range, it would be a death/black metallers mixtape staple. I can’t even stop myself from scraping out the throaty scream at 2:02 – 2:08…fun!

The impressive echo-y intro to Embrace The Blaze is exceptional and I like the steely sounding guitar, flowing into a rhythm reminding me of Fear Factory. Nicely done and my favourite track thus far. The writing is great and the flow of this tune is very catchy; at 2:00 love the vocals and the subsequent speed up is awesome…’CRY OUT!”

Shattered, a 7 minute delve into a prog-metal sea of rhythm changes and intricate playing, is now my favourite! Astounding playing and the vox must need much lubricant to choke those lyrics out in that staccato style. The shuffling riff at 2:28 onwards is awesome! Some great tempo change at about 4:45 and wicked guitars!

The remainder of the record is also up to par with this praise although, personally, I can’t do a lot of this style at one sitting. Well produced, clear and very listenable, it’s a sound effort and very good overall. It will impress more fans as it gets out there.

The final Anthem Of The Doomed is a nice way to close out this opus and possibly a great way to start a live gig, of which they have seen and are on many currently! Very active and out there for the fans to see indeed!


Disbelief Official Website
Disbelief Facebook

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