Review: God Dethroned – The World Ablaze

Death metallers God Dethroned hail again from the Netherlands with their newest album, entitled The World Ablaze. It was released on 5th of May and is the last release within the band’s World War I trilogy, also composed of Passiondale from 2009 and Under the Sign of the Iron Cross from 2010. Let’s see what the guys have in store for us!

We start with a crescendo of an instrumental intro, which is very melodic but still, with its stomping sound, gets the vibe of being at war across. This is picked up by the album’s second track, Annihilation Crusade, which settles somewhere between midtempo and speedy passages, with a very melodic, slow passage towards the end. Next up is the title track, which starts off as more oldschool death-like, but then again becomes very melodic and atmospheric. Same hold true for the next one, called On The Wrong Side Of The Wire, while the album’s fifth track, Close To Victory, is again speedier, before we can breathe through once more during the very harmonious instrumental interlude Königsberg. Next up is my personal favorite of the album, called Escape Across the Ice (The White Army), a very atmospheric, yet very strong mid-tempo song. Breathing Through Blood is alike On The Wrong Side Of The Wire, while you can even imagine being on the battlefield and see the tanks rolling up with yet another strong track, the ninth one called Messina Ridge. The album then closes off with the tenth and final one, The 11th Hour, a more somber midtempo track which reflects the general tone of the record again nicely.

In conclusion: the third installment of God Dethroned’s WWI trilogy can definitely hold up with its predecessors. While the production’s great and the songwriting very good, the album is a bit generic soundwise, and only has few highlights, like the aforementioned Escape Across The Ice, for me. Still, The World Ablaze is a very solid album and if you are into the genre, then definitely check it out! 8.5/10.

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