Review: Magnacult – Infinitum

Five guys from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, together they are Magnacult. They already released two albums, called Synoré and Insua EnVenom, now, since May 12th, their third full-length is unleashed upon the world. Prepare your ears for this album called Infinitum.

Looking at the cover of Infinitum you can see a lot of creepy hands reaching at an unborn baby. It’s a cover which, together with the title Infinitum, makes you start thinking about it. A really nice cover which makes you curious about the music Infinitum has for you.

So, about the music. Hit the play button and immediately you will be blown away. No intro, no time to get prepared for the wall of sound coming at you. That wall of sound, which is done in a great way, starts from the first second. This has groove, this is aggressive, this will blow you away, as well as your neighbors. Their songs are very technical written as well as played, with a lot of tempo changes, but it’s dosed very well, so it won’t be a mess.

The whole band is doing a very great job on Infinitum, but the vocals and the drums stand out the most for me. Those vocals are intense, from deep growling to very intense screaming, sometimes it even sounds a bit inhuman, greatly done. About the drums, what a power, what an energy, this way of drumming sounds like it’s very intense and in my opinion it’s a perfect way for this album.

Magnacult delivers an immense album with Infinitum, I surely recommend to check it out. Those 46 minutes are definitely worth it. So, get this album, warn your neighbors (or not), turn the volume up and hit play, you won’t regret it!

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