Review: Primal Age – Silent Wound

These lads from Rouen, France have blistered my face with their cooly named EP Silent Wound. Sporting a very distinguished professional and informative FB page, Benoit: guitar, Florian: guitar, Mehdi: drums, Dimitri: bass & vocals and Didier: vocals are clearly in control of their destiny. They have been around for some years, sporting some nicely pictured multi-coloured vinyl and 3 other CD’s to their name, and a very strong touring circuit.

Whistleblowers blows me away and gets right down to it. Again, not a fan of the raunch-throat hardcore vox, but the genre will love this tight playing. Great production and clear sound, it is a fabulous piece.

The frenetic title track resounds with Slayer-ish riffs and splits. Awesome! A resonating power metal vibe to it and love the scream at 1:17! I can actually hear some of the lyrics here! Love the slow down at 1:50! Once again, unhappy neighbors as this got turned up to 11.

Counterfeiters of the Science! This is an excellent title and good enough song but not my favourite as I was hoping for a longer piece perhaps. Sounds like a same old, same old thrown in piece but what do I know; I can’t even play anything.

As for To Jeff… well done and relevant tribute to Hanneman. It’s all about hate’…A sauntering, angry piece tearing with great riffs and beats, this is my favourite! 1:55 sports some gripping strums that I like to hear all day long coupled with excellent vocals. Hoping to hear Didier sing sometime! The breaks at 2:40 and total metal chords are beautifully done making this the next one on my mixtape.

This is a fantastic tribute album to some of the band’s influences and friends. I don’t know if any of these are actually Slayer songs (sorry I don’t have that much room up there) but mes amis, in the words of Saxon: “To Absent Friends”.


Primal Age Official Website
Primal Age Facebook

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