Review: Duality – Archeology

In 2016, French metallers Duality released their debut 140 Waves, now, since March 2017, their new EP, called Archeology is released. Duality mixes progressive, atmospheric music with metalcore. With its 13 minutes, Archeology is a bit short, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Starting with Reborn, first you’ll hear a relaxed guitar tune, then, slowly more instruments will be added. This sounds nice and when the music starts to get heavier, they also add the more atmospheric sounds, this sounds promising. When the vocals start, I noticed one thing very quickly, while vocalist Julien sings in English, I can clearly hear his French accent through his English. It’s something, that, for me, is very distracting.

The intro of the second track, Osiris, is something you can almost call epic, especially the drums sound really cool here. By the way, this track also contains more different parts than the first one. When you hear the intro, you will probably think it would be followed by a very heavy song, but right after the intro ends, these expectations seem to be crushed. However, in some parts luckily, they are indeed playing in a very heavy way. The songwriting is very progressive which shows in the numerous tempo-/style-changes. At 2:36 the vocals are almost sounding hardcore-style, which is quickly followed by something you can almost call death/doom, both musically and vocal wise. Sadly, these moments are all very short.

Of course, the vocal style being used is something you like or don’t like, but they aren’t very powerful. This is something that can be heard especially in the third track, The Clockwork In Reverse. When Julien starts to scream it even sounds a bit forced, sometimes.

This Archeology EP of French metallers Duality is probably something I wouldn’t play much more often, however it surely sounds okay. Sadly, the weakest point of it are the vocals. After listening to it multiple times Julien’s French accent wasn’t distracting me that much anymore, but the vocals still couldn’t convince me.

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