Review: Zombieslut – Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery

German death metallers Zombieslut released their mini-album, entitled Massive Lethal Flesh Recovery, on 3rd of December 2016, as a bridge towards their new album the guys are currently working on.

The record contains 6 songs, two new ones and four that have been previously released. We are starting off with Return Of The Zombie, a song with oldschool death metal sound and some gore-influences and very deep growls. Lycantrophic Funeral sound very much alike, even though this song rather stays midtempo. Same holds true for Lord Of Eternal Pain. Braineater picks up in speed again, and is my personal favorite of the album. The last two tracks are now rather alike this one and called Theater Of Beautiful Deaths and Victims Of The Lie. The sound of the entire 6 songs is rather low quality – no way to tell whether this was intentional to underscore the raw character of the album or not. Too bad though, as the guys themselves are good musicians.

In conclusion, not much can be said about the album – songs are OK, the guys very good musicians and sound not that great, leaving the listener with no real lasting impression due to a lack of diversity. Too bad and let’s hope that things will be different on the full album. Meanwhile, fans of (oldschool) death metal are still recommended to listen to this. 7/10.

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