Review: Nothing From No One – The Painful Truth

After being gone from DutchMetalManiac for a while due to mandatory school stuff like exams and finals to deal with I’m back to write reviews for all you hungry metal motherfuckers!

Today my review is about the hardcore/beatdown outfit called Nothing From No One who originate from France. This is definitely a no bullshit approach to music. Incorporating various guest spots from musicians I have personally never heard of before. I think guest vocalists in most cases add something to a song to make it more interesting, which is surely the case with Nothing From No One.

Starting The Painful Truth EP with a nice crunchy drumsolo, the band immediately grabs you by the throat to never let go of it. At least till the end of this wonderful EP. Something that really stands out in this band is definitely the vocalist. This guy is aggressive, dude… He sings like he means it so he convinces me to fuck up my room in every line he yells towards me. That makes this album your worth while, at least to me. It’s an important aspect to hardcore to not just be badass but making your audience believe you’re badass does the trick.

Let us be honest here, Nothing From No One are not reinventing the hardcore wheel. There are clear signs of imitating the New York hardcore scene like Madball and Sick Of It All. But Nothing From No One keeps it short and cuts right to the case, no bullshit allowed. I appreciate that a lot and makes this album enjoyable. Every song on The Painful Truth has something that makes every karate kid in the moshpit blossom up his heart.

I rate The Painful Truth by Nothing From No One 7,5/10 because it’s solid, man. A hardcore lover will love this. No doubt about it.

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