Review: Sober Truth – Locust Lunatic Asylum

From the opening haunting Introduction, this was bound to be a good ride and it was. The opening chords of Leave the Locust in the Lunatic Asylum (cool title!) set the tone for this prog-‘groove’ metal opus. Again, not a fan of too much Gravocals, but this singing capacity continues to astound, especially the deeper tones in this song, mixed with powerful pitches and harmony.

Hailing from Siegburg, Germany, this quartet promises to reveal more awesome material, we hope! Guten tag, vocals | guitar: Torsten Schramm (Stein), bass: Jules RoCkwell, guitar: Marvin Creek, drums: Samir Al- Baw!

Great opener in Paragon with a definite groove here! Love the singing as it tingles of U.D.O and Metal Church. Hot licks and chords and a definite tune for the Speedtrap MixTape. My fave!

Murphy’s Law: I want this as part of my life’s soundtrack, I think your band was watching it about a month ago….A raucous romp through the things that cause our lives to “be ready for the future” and then meet the items that “take me down”. Wonderful chug-chugging at 3:19 and an overall good song, and I’m sure fans want to know what events prompted this one!

The riff in Powergenerator takes me well away and the song is an interesting off beat tune with tight playing and many changes; this is an exhausting one, I’m sure. Although, this is not a fave of mine, despite the attempt of being prog.

Some great power chords in Welcome to Majula! I sense a good in concert crowd chant here and another one for the SpeedTrap mixtape.

My Enemy stands out as some of the tightest playing and great grooves on here. My second favourite! There are outstanding crunch-chords at 2:21 onwards and a good decent into the dark world of death-prog-groove metal. I hear some vestiges of Rammstein in this and scores bonus points, but the originality of this song stands alone.

Layer of Self is a screaming cry for Stewart Copeland’s oft maligned ‘Mother’ artistically well layered with some intricate guitar and solid playing. Skins and bass are always well meshed and tight, all instruments not overshadowing one another and focus is an overall balance, without sounding overly ‘metally’.

A good solid effort!


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