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Last year, German metallers Bulletrail released their EP The Path Of Least Resistance. Below you can read the interview DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen did with Bulletrail’s guitarist Chris.

Hey, how are you?

Hey, I’m great! Many things to do with the band and the planning for the next record. So I would say “as usual”. Hope you’re fine as well.

Bulletrail, what made it the right name for the band and, if there is a story behind it, what’s behind it?

It was an idea our singer Billy came up with after we had no concrete name from the beginning. It sounded cool and everybody liked it. So that’s the whole story behind the name. Nothing special.

When someone haven’t heard your music before and asks you what is sounds like, how would you describe Bulletrail’s music?

For me it is always hard to find a comparable band. We have various influences like Devildriver, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Soulfly, Dark Tranquillity and Lamb of God to name a few known acts.

Everyone in the band has a different taste in music and brings that into the songwriting process. In that way we get most out of every idea. So I would describe it as a thrashy, deathy mix of the above.

You started in 2014 and in the early years you had a lot of lineup changes. Is the lineup of Bulletrail, as it is now, the lineup you want to keep?

Absolutely! The first two years we were just jamming most of the time in the rehearsal room. But for Billy and me that was not the way to go, so we decided to look for other musicians that shared the same goals as we did. Markus (the other guitarist) and I were playing in a band before Bulletrail. Sadly our drummer moved away so we decided to quit that band for that time. After that split I contacted Markus and asked him if he had any interests in playing with Bulletrail and so it was.

The search for a drummer was a bit more complicated. But to keep it short, we couldn’t be any luckier to have Daniel on board. He brings many interesting new elements and is a highly skilled drummer.

Randy, our bass player, was found by Billy and had the idea to contact Daniel. So it has come full circle.

Last year, you released The Path Of Least Resistance, what do you think the path of least resistance is? What’s your message about it?

That is the opening track of the EP. I had an idea for the artwork which was dismissed, but the track was kept as title. It is a song about suicide. Not in a positive way, but from the view of the suffering one. I think most people that commit suicide have some form of depression which was long unnoticed by family and friends and without the help of them and a professional therapist it often can’t be handled. Sadly enough people still choose this way of ending their life.

How are audiences and press responding on The Path Of Least Resistance so far?

From the audience we had only positive feedback. The few reviews we got so far were also positive. So it seems to be the right way we are heading.

You recorded The Path Of Least Resistance in Maranis Studios, what made you decide it was the best place for it?

Well… We decided to record our first Ep and needed a studio. That’s it.

You are from Stuttgart and in September you are playing in Club Zentral in your hometown alongside Pentarium, Gefrierbrand and Dead Acid. Looking forward to it? How does it feel for you to play in your hometown?

It is great! We are looking forward to play more shows if possible in the Stuttgart region.

And hopefully we can find some people that like what we do. For us it’s the most important thing to have a great fanbase. It will be a fantastic gig with some cool bands. Also check them out if you haven’t yet.

How is the metalscene in Stuttgart?

Because of the Rockfabrik in Ludwigsburg, which is one of the longest lasting rock and metal clubs in Germany if I’m right, we have a good community in the Stuttgart area. Of course there is always some new people that come and last as long as the current trend is lasting, but the scene itself, I would say, is relatively strong and alive.

Besides your gig in Stuttgart, you have only announced one other gig in Brackenheim. Can we expect some more shows? Maybe in The Netherlands?

We hope to play many shows next year. If there is any opportunity to play a show in any other country it would be great. With the release of the coming full-length album we will play as many gigs as possible. If anybody needs a band for a festival or some shows, don’t hesitate to contact us.

You’re already working on a full-length, right? Any details you can already tell us about it? What can fans expect?

That’s right. So far I can’t tell you anything concrete, we are still in the songwriting phase. Everything’s a secret for now.

Any other future plans for Bulletrail you can already tell?

Currently we are looking for a label. We are highly motivated to keep that thing going and therefore we want it to be a bit more professional.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

I want to say a big “THANK YOU!” to all our supporters so far! And if you have not yet heard of this crazy bunch of guys that makes weird noises with their instruments from the south west of Germany, search for us on any streaming platform out there. And if you want to support us, buy the record digitally or physically from us directly. We love what we do! And hopefully you too. Stay Metal!

And of course also a big “Thank You!” to you Tim for the interview!

Bulletrail Official Website
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