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French metalcore band Diana Rising recently released their debut full-length, called Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen interviewed their guitarist Loïc Kowalski Foechterlé, read it below.

Hey, how are you?

Hi Tim, really nice and you? Hope you past a pleasant summer.

Diana Rising was formed in 2012, can you tell us something about the history and the members?

We come from Mulhouse, France. Close to the German and Switzerland borders.
Yet, we still have 3 members who created the band, Pierre (drum), David (bass) and I (Loïc, lead guitar). Actually, I meet the band following an internet announce. Dje, our singer joined us during the first tour. He replaces our singer in place caused he didn’t want to tour. After the first adventure, Djé never leaved the band. For Arnaud, it’s a bit different, we changed several times the rhythmic guitarist. After our European tour, our former guitarist left caused of his work carrier. Arnaud, who followed the band since the beginning was directly ready and motivated to take the position.
Now I think we are a strong team of friends playing together and ready for the next.

Diana Rising, why did you decide this was the right name for the band?

Actually, we decided it in a bar in Mulhouse, where we are from. In this bar there is a bibliotheca we loved to spend free time. One evening we choose random book to associate words and ideas. I was expecting for a girl’s name, like my last band. And after several drinks and books, we agreed about DIANA RISING. And it characterize us as well with the energy we share between us and with the public.

Your music is categorized as metalcore. What makes Diana Rising unique in this style?

DIANA RISING is between deathcore and metalcore. We associate strong and heavy voices, with more melodic and powerfull guitars. We want to save this brutal aspect of the music but the music become more and more melodic.

You recently released your first full-length, Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness, after 2 EP’s, Eon Through The Myst (2014) and Guardians (2015). How does it feel to finally have your first full-length released?

We feel really proud of it. Firstly because we do everything by ourself (expect the mix/master) and secondly because it as result of the beginning of the Diana Rising adventure. We are also proud to have our first album in our hand and it’s really symbolic to an artist.

What are the responses so far about Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness?

SCSWD received good critics by professional people and by our fans. It gives us a more professional approach of the band.

When you compare Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness with your two earlier EP’s, what is it you notice?

The principal difference in the production. The composition of song is more elaborated and it told a different story. This album songs are so much better than our EP’s and it’s more easier to going through the complete album.

What is the story behind Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness and the lyrics of the tracks on it?

SCSWD is telling a story about us and a hard period for members of Diana. Difficult loves stories, life problems, etc. It’s a translation of what we felt during this period and it’s a bit an exorcising of all these difficulties. Then the album is released to close this.

This year, Diana Rising exists 5 years, anything special planned to celebrate it?

We didn’t think about this, but yes we have to celebrate it. At the end of the year, we have a show in our home town Mulhouse. We will have a party will all our friends present and local band friends.

At this moment you’ve only announced two future concerts, in France and Germany. Can we expect some more Diana Rising shows? Maybe in The Netherlands?

We currently work on a tour in the spring in East Europe. We came in Amsterdam after the first tour but only to celebrate it J
It would be a with pleasure to play in The Netherlands, if someone reading this wanted to book us, please let us know by e-mail at

Any other future plans for Diana Rising you can already tell us about?

For the moment we play our show for the album SCSWD. In September, we will add an artist who will perform during our show, who will start at the show in Nantes, France.
Beginning of 2018 we will start composing new singles of the next album.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to DutchMetalManiac’s readers?

Thanks to give us your time to read this and to listen to our album and EP’s. It was a pleasure to give more details about ourselves and our project. It would be a pleasure to meet all of you in a show in the Netherlands or elsewhere.
Thank you.

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