Review: Demotional – Discovery

A distinct pleasure to hear this! After 2 other albums, sharing stages with the likes of Arch Enemy and Entombed, the ‘Swedish Sextet’ brings up the ante in contemporary metal. Stylish in their suits, they are another breath of fresh metal while being clearly professional and adept at their playing. There is a complexity to the music but also a straightforward hammer that instantly gets you jumping.

While their obvious hit, Ashes is fantastic with its hammering drums and melodic-rock feel combined with some truly screaming vox, I am taking a huge liking to All That It Takes; meaningful and atmospheric, it brings to mind the band Default, with powerful harmonies and grinding chords.

Monster is just that – a monster hit. Superb vocals and feel to this, and is that a female guest vocalist? This adds yet another layer to this great song. Hopefully a video to follow as this has made it to my favourites playlist! Killer tune; I like it more than your actual hit!

An interesting tune in If You Believe as the shortest one at just 3 minutes, it captivates as it is not really metal but a harder rock, with some punk overtones with a neat mix of keyboards and a catchy hook. This might be another hit – nicely done.

The rest of the record smokes with beautiful intros such as in Carry On, great harmonies and smatterings of keyboards that complement the guitars, all kept together by energetic and clear beats.

As the record progresses, I find it is less metal and harder than hard rock but artfully done nonetheless. Anthems shouted out in Train Wreck have “concert halls” written all over them: Save our souls indeed!

Finishing with One Hour Stranger, a heavier rocker that rounds out the album nicely and keeps the expected tone. The rising sense of the music is brought to an end with this captivating song; not my fave, but masterfully done lads!


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