Review: Enragement – Burned, Barren, Bloodstained

Building off their previous effort, Finnish death metallers Enragement have carried their distinct brand of extreme metal together which brings together nearly every facet of the style simply to add together an air of disturbing menace for the songs. Following a three-year gap between previous releases, the groups’ sophomore effort was released June 9, 2017 on Inverse Records.

From the beginning, this one is based around the concept of the different exploits of extreme metal in most of its guises to cultivate a powerful and explosive sound. Efforts like River of Corpses, Raining Bodyparts and Mass of a Thousand Suns tend to focus mostly on the tight, ravenous riff-work that is prominent throughout here, offering this one a dirty, blackened sound when used in conjunction with the swirling tremolo churning patterns that are featured. Given that these are generally the faster, more frantic efforts those score far more favorably here when compared to the album’s variance of including other forms of this kind of music. These tracks, like Divine Catatonia, Ashen Unity and Armed Redeemer focus more on a series of technically-challenging stuttering style rhythms that are quite bland overall, offering little in the way of energy or enjoyment with the way they just sort of blandly bounce around on limp, flaccid rhythms that are exceptionally limp and rarely manage any kind of exceptionally enjoyable formats. It has all of these elements present in the second half as well which does make the album incredibly disproportionate, with all the big energetic efforts up-front and then placing all the other efforts afterward which drops the energy of this one rather significantly. Otherwise, it’s still rather fun for the most part.

While it does come undone a little when it comes to the drop-off of energy in the second half compared to the first half, this one does come across with enough to really like in terms of their rather frantic attack that makes this a solid and worthwhile choice for fans of modern death metal. 7.5/10

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