Review: Náyades – White Winter Tales

Coming together back in 2011, Spanish melodic power metallers Náyades stuck through a horde of lineup struggles and turmoil to eventually get ready to unleash their varied influences that go from the sharpest heavy rock to the coolest and most melodic hard rock. Now able to offer their first professional release, the groups’ debut full-length was self-released January 20, 2017.

When this one gets going, it manages to feature plenty of strong, sparkling elements present in the genre into a solid, enjoyable debut. Blackwings to the Moonlight, Buyer of Souls and No Tomorrow all make great use of strong speed-metal riffing patterns, giving this one a tight melodic sound that works rather nicely here. The up-tempo tracks are given a fine sheen here with the melody-driven riff-work going alongside the charging rock-based rhythms to create a rather strong and engaging presence. The album’s other dominating factor, the hard-rock based stylings of efforts like Losing Control, Ghost of Myself and Forever give this a stark contrast with the vast majority of this being based on a mid-tempo chug that lets the melody waiver in exchange for a more straightforward approach that isn’t as lively or energetic here based on the shorter rhythm patterns than the speed metal factors found elsewhere which is the biggest drawback here. This one works much better as a stronger power metal release than a hard rock offering, which is what’s the bigger aspect of the band’s sound and it does leave a slightly distressing sound here. Thankfully, this isn’t that big of a deal being a debut effort so it does get a slight pass on some of these issues.

Although it does lose some of its steam by dropping the power metal for the hard rock at times, the fact that the enjoyable power metal keeps it afloat even during the lighter sections manages to give this just enough for those looking for hard rock-flavored or even melody-accented power metal. 7.5/10

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