Review: Terra Incognita – Sign With Blood

Terra Incognita, with a line-up of front man Billy Vass, guitarists Stellios Zoulias and Manos Kehagias, drummer Dimitris Kokonezis en bassist Tolis A., is a melodic metal band from Greece’s capital Athens which was formed in 2010. One year after their formation, they already released their debut, called Barren Land. Last year they released their second effort, an EP titled Sign With Blood.

Sign With Blood‘s first song, My Emptiness, is in my opinion not very representative for this EP. Production-wise this track is not that good, it all sounds a bit flat. Billy Vass’ vocals even sound a bit forced in this one to me. So far, this EP is not really impressing me, as a result of the aforementioned reasons. Fortunately, the other tracks on Sign With Blood sounds a lot better, starting with Conquerer, the second track. Right from the first notes it sounds heavier and more solid, now holding your attention. Now, you can really hear these men know how to handle their instruments and Billy Vass’ vocals are also more pleasant to listen to. From Conquerer till end it sounds more energetic and convincing.

Since 2015, guitarist Stellios Zoulias also picked up the cello for Terra Incognita, which adds an extra element in their music. In Conquerer the cello was not that convincing for me, but in the third track, title-track of this EP, it really adds something extra. However, in my opinion, Terra Incognita can use the cello a bit more and not that much in the background. Last track on Sign With Blood is titled Efialtes, a track Terra Incognita already released on Barren Land, their full-length from 2011, but this time it is an English version of it.

These Greek melodic metallers did a good job with Sign With Blood. First track is, in my opinion, not that good, but the other three tracks make it up very well. So, you dig melodic metal? Be sure to check Sign With Blood!

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