Review: Bereft Of Light – Hoinar

Cascadian Metal. This is a new one on me as since this one man band hails from Romania and The Cascades are a mountain range from British Columbia, Canada through Washington, Oregon and finally Southern California. I’m just going to concentrate on the music not the self-styled attempt at creating or influencing a ‘genre’. It’s all filed under ‘M’ for metal in my cabinets.

Daniel Neagoe, “The Player” I’ll call him, introduces Hoinar, Googly translated as Wanderer in a well-produced, clear and seemingly introspective foray into the music world, not the C-World, with an awesome musical intro of Uitare (Oblivion). It sounds and feels like it indeed. Well done and it might just make my ringtones!

Legamant (Covenant) is a 12+ minute opus with plucking strings and thunderstorms punctuated with harsh vocals and super-fast drumming. A definite experimentation into something here and, at a lower volume, I can deal with it.

Pustiu (Wilderness) is an entirely acoustical sounding piece, soft and gentle reminding me of the true wilds of my hometowns in Northern Ontario. I have pictures in mind that this music would suit perfectly. This would be a pleasure to see live.

Freamat (Thrill), a 10+ minute foray into “methodical metal” (my name for it) stings the heart with nice vocals and harmonies, deftly mixed with expert playing and good sound. I am thrilled for this tune actually, pleasantly surprised!

Tarziu (Later), appropriately at the end of the record, is a somber, mellow bit that has some vocal range that bellows out over the Cascadian Ranges, especially at 01:40. More black or death metal here, it is an excellent creation, aside from a small tempo-dip at 3:33 that sounded unintentional and offbeat to me.

A good opus!


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