Review: Dead Asylum – Death Always Wins

Dead Asylum, a quartet from Canada, self-released their latest longplayer, entitled Death Always Wins, on 2nd of June – so about time to give it a spin and review it!

The cover art, where the reaper hovers over a bleak world driven by money, power and exploitation, sets the tone of the record. The first of the total of eight tracks is Defiance, starting right off brutally with aggressive growls and pressing guitars. Next up is the title track, another fast-paced one. Here you start to feel the overall topic of death and destruction, also due to the repetition of the track/album title throughout the song. Between Me And The Grave has a slower, midtempo start, but just like the others picks up fast and conveys the brutal death atmosphere very nicely. This is also due to Samantha Landa’s aggressive drumming, which is very impressive. More of that is following in the upcoming tracks Bury The Living, Forgotten Sacrifice and Bred To Die, while being mixed with melodic elements as well. Welcome is the most melodic of them all, a midtempo track that still conveys the feeling of death and decay to the listener. The album then ends with Inmate 666, which sums up again all the qualities of the record and thus is a great ending.

In conclusion: Dead Asylum released a great record of very good quality sound- and production-wise, and Death Always Wins surely comes highly recommended. Let’s hope we hear again soon from them, in the meantime, give this a spin! 9.5/10.

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