Review: Nephren-Ka – La Grande Guerre De L’Epice

French brutal death metal quartet Nephren-Ka is around since 2006. Since then, the guys have released two records, entitled Revenge And Supremacy and The Fall of Omnius. Their third one, La Grande Guerre De L’Epice, is going to be released on October 13th. I had the chance to listen to it already, and here’s what you can expect:

It becomes obvious from the first second of Watch And Learn that Nephren-Ka nowadays not only settle within the brutal death metal genre, but also incorporate a fair amount of black metal into their sound. The grunts remind me from time to time of Aborted, for instance on the records second track, Plan To Master The Universe. The Demise Of Ix makes it perfectly clear that the guys do not stop at one genre to blend into the death metal sound, but also take some quality thrash metal into the mix. That all blends into a somewhat trademark sound of the guys, while some influences like the aforementioned Aborted, but also NILE (check out Idar Fen Adijica for that) can still be perceived. The total of 9 tracks are very varied and the guys are great musicians, so that you, as listener, will never feel bored. Also to mention is that La Grande Guerre De L’Epice is actually a concept album, taking the ideas for the lyrics from the Dune books by Frank Herbert. Nice plus: some of them are in Nephren-Ka’s native language, French – surely a rare thing in the genre!

In conclusion: the album is very well done in every way! It comprises a total of 10 songs: 9 from the band itself and one very nice cover of Candlemass’ Mirror Mirror. Throughout them all, Nephren-Ka are able to keep the listener engaged by incorporating different musical styles in the mix. La Grande Guerre De L’Epice thus comes highly recommended. 9.5/10.

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