Review: Septicflesh – Codex Omega

Greek death metallers Septicflesh have been around for quite some time, since 1990 to be precise. Since then, the guys have released many albums, like my personal favorite Communion in 2008, while the current one is their tenth studio album. It’s entitled Codex Omega and was released on the 1st of September. Let’s give it a spin!

Dantes Inferno starts off rather softly with guitars and an orchestra, before tuning into a more bombastic track. Septicflesh are known not to shy away from dramatic music, and that’s exactly what you get here before the song ends with a mellow outro accompanied by a choir. What a start! Third Testament is a more straight-in-your-face death metal song, before another ominous, gloomily starting track awaits with Portrait, which then turns into another very big, orchestra-loaded song accompanied by epic growls. Its outro is as ominous as the intro. The remaining tracks follow that recipe as well, all while being little pieces of art in themselves. In general, Septicflesh once again draw the listener in and gives you a feeling of being in an opera rather than merely listening to a death metal record.

In conclusion: Codex Omega is a typical Septicflesh album regarding the composition and sound of the tracks. While the Greeks stick to their trademark sound, the record itself once again has enough little twists and turns to keep the listener engaged until the very end. Codex Omega thus comes highly recommended and will surely stick with me for some time. 9.5/10.

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