Review: Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation

The Australian death metal machine returns with the follow-up to 2015’s critically acclaimed Holy War. Thy Art Is Murder’s new effort is called Dear Desolation and it is definitely end-of-the-year-list material.

Following the succes of Holy War and a tumulteous year for TAIM they apparently went soul searching for this record. I’m sure some of these statements have made it to the studio.

– What do we want to sound like?
– Who are our influences?
– What do our fans want to hear from TAIM?

I feel like they have taken all of those things very seriously. They found their own sound on Dear Desolation by taking all of their albums and blend them succesfully together with some renewed death metal energy.

I could fill my whole review with things like, wow, it’s amazing their vocalist CJ McMahon returned to the band and debating if TAIM is deathcore or death metal. Fact is, who cares?! Of course elitist snobs will be cry babies about breakdowns on the album (which are excellent for that matter).

TAIM have grown into their own way and sound and they sound heavier than ever. CJ’s vocals have improved, there are more actual guitar riffs instead of a constant chugfest. Even well placed solo’s are in the mix which make the songs sound more sinister. What caught my attention for sure is the drumming on this album. It is phenomenal. Lee Stanton is a fucking BEAST. I’ve listened to quite some death and black metal and I can honestly say that I haven’t seen or heard anyone play that fast in a way that it doesn’t sound dense. Their sound is inhaling life and exhaling death and destruction.

When you listen a lot to Behemoth and (older) Decapitated and you fuse it with Thy Art Is Murder you get an end product called Dear Desolation. I’m inclined to say that this is one of the best death metal albums coming out this year. Whilst I am definitely aware of Decrepit Birth’s new album and Decapitated’s new album this album stands tall among the giants.

Thy Art Is Murder is finally on to their sound. I would say, evolve further from this, perfect your sound and in 1 or 2 albums Thy Art Is Murder will be at the top ranks of death metal with a stand-alone style which is not afraid to innovate without damaging their heritage.


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