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On October 13th, the new album from German metallers Nachtblut, Apostasie, was released. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with Nachtblut’s drummer Skoll about Apostasie, Quentin Tarantino, as well as other things.

Hey Skoll, how are you?

I am fine, it’s getting cold, but it’s okay. How are you?

I’m fine! Congratulations on your new album, Apostasie. It’s really nice!

Thank you! You like it? Do you have a favorite song?

Yeah, I really like Multikulturell, but the full album is very great.

Thank you, I appreciate that.

You already played some shows since its release date, how are the reactions on it so far?

Really flattering, I didn’t expect that people can sing all the songs already. During the time between the release and the tour people get to the songs and sing along loud. Even before the album was released people were singing the songs, thanks to our music videos. The reactions are overwhelming. They go crazy about new songs, they sing along and we all enjoyed.

Apostasie is the first Nachtblut album with Ablaz (bass) and Amelie (keyboards) who joined Nachtblut in 2016. How was creating the album with this partly new lineup?

To be fair, the whole process of doing Apostasie already started before they joined the band. Ablaz filled in at the end of 2016 for our former bass player Trym. Amelie joined the band end of 2016/begin 2017. The process of songwriting was already finished at that moment. It’s a joy to play the songs with them. Unfortunately Amelie can’t join the tour because of an injury.

She broke her wrist right?

Yeah, thanks to a car accident.

How is she doing now?

Saying she’s fine is too much, but she’s okay. She still has pain obviously, but she’s recovering. For the next tour she will join us.

Hope she recovers very well soon. On Apostasie you welcome two guest vocalists, Aeva Maurelle (Aeverium) and Tetzel (Asenblut). How was working with them?

With Tetzel it was pretty easy. We know each other for a long time now. He and his band, Asenblut, were supporting us on our shows last Autumn and we even know each other before. So, getting in contact with him was pretty easy. He has a great sense of humor too, so it was fun. So, it was easy to get him involved in Wat is’ denn los mit dir.

Aeva and her band Aeverium were supporting Lord Of The Lost. We already knew the guys from Lord Of The Lost and I went to a show of them. We had this song, Einsam, and we knew we wanted to do a duet with a female vocalist, but we didn’t find the right person at that point. I saw her, recorded it on video and sent it to the other guys. I thought the combination would be perfect and really fitting the song. That way it went, she’s very professional and easy to work with. Great fun and a great person.

The track with Tetzel, Wat is’ denn los mit dir, is a cover from Kollegah. What made you decide to do a cover of specifically this song?

We listen to a lot of different music and when you’re on tour you like to have a good time. You drink and party. I don’t remember how, but at some point this song was played at every party we had on tour. At some point you start to sing along and you just have a good time. As we like to have a good time with or fans and friends, we decide to cover this, due to the good vibe. That’s the story, I would say too much liquor.

In the videoclip for Multikulturell you take a stand against racists, is there something you want to say to explain your message and views a bit more?

No, it’s a good statement. Period. If I read the comments on, for example, Youtube I think it was the right time to make this statement and to piss off a lot of people.

The video is referencing to a few Quentin Tarantino movies, are you a fan of his movies?

Yeah, I am.

What do you like the most about Tarantino’s style of filming?

The way stories are told, my favorite is Pulp Fiction. At one point all those little stories make one good, bigger story, I really like that. A certain aspect we used in our video are the Red Apple Cigarettes. I like the easter eggs like that.

Ten years ago you released your debut full-length, Das Erste Abendmahl. How do you look back at the past ten years?

Firstly, I can’t believe it’s already ten years ago. Time is really flying by. I would say we developed and we did well. It doesn’t mean I am not happy about the result of Das Erste Abendmahl, I really like it. For obvious reasons we handle things differently nowadays when it comes to songwriting, sound and artwork. I think we got better in every aspect. I think, as a musician, you are too close to do a good analyze, you just do it. We are not a band sitting together and planning much for the future. We are doing it more naturally. As we like several music genres, this time we did combine these with the typical Nachtblut sound, which we already have. It comes naturally.

Where do you take your inspiration from then?

From everyday life. There’s so much to get inspiration from, some news, persons you talked with or met, some attitudes or perspectives, literally everything. When you catch up a topic and you feel that the content is really driving you, you have your inspiration.

When you compare Apostasie to its predecessor Chimonas (2014), what is it you notice?

I would say Apostasie is more varied, because we didn’t set end boundaries. We didn’t thought about it, we just wanted to do it. You already mentioned the cover of Kollegah, which is German rap music, something I would say is still a no-go in metal. We said okay, let’s do it. Why put boundaries to our music and our creativity? You can hear that on the record. We have songs that remind you of Neue Deutsche Härte, a ballad, a cover, some pagan influences in the Apostasie song, black’n’roll in Der Tod ist meine Nutte. We were not scared to use some electronic parts in, for example, Geboren um zu leben. So, you can say a lot of genres come together and extend. We really think it’s varied and, to quote Askeroth, orgasmic.

At this moment you have four future shows confirmed, can we expect some more shows soon?

We are working on it, I can’t confirm anything right now officially. We are planning 2018 and almost having a look at 2019, so more shows to come definitely.

Do you think you will come to The Netherlands?

We would like to, but as a German singing band it’s not always easy in non-German speaking countries. We will work on it and it’s definitely on our list.

That would be nice! Anywhere you want to go you didn’t went already?

There are a lot of nice places on the world. Japan would be very nice. America, doesn’t matter where, North-, Middle- or South-America. Shame on us, but we still have a lot of places we didn’t show up in Europe.

Any other Nachtblut future plans you can already tell us a bit about, besides touring?

We will start with songwriting at some point again, not waiting too long for that. Furthermore, nothing to officially confirm right now.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you for your support and hopefully some day we will see you at one of our shows in The Netherlands. Thank you for the interview!

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