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Recently, on October 27th, the Swedish metallers from Sparzanza released their latest album Announcing The End. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with Sparzanza’s vocalist Fredrik Weileby about the album, as well as some other things.

Hey, congratulations on your new album, Announcing The End, it’s very nice!

Thank you! It’s nice to hear.

Can you tell us something about the writing process of Announcing The End?

We went down to Spain for a week to write this album instead of writing the songs at home as we did in the past. Lot of sun and cheap beer!

What’s the story behind Announcing The End?

There is no story, really. It’s more the end in several meanings. Could be the end of a life, earth, a relationship.

An end of Sparzanza, or not?

No, we will not quit.

It’s a new Sparzanza story right? What do you mean with that?

We kind of started over, from scratch. We have gone back a little more to our roots. We started as a stoner band and are going more in that direction again.

The cover art of Announcing The End is really nice! Who made it and what made you decide that person was the right one for the job?

Since this one is called Announcing The End we thought about biblical armageddon. It’s a drawing that looks like an old, biblical picture. So, we found this guy from Greece, Vagelis Petikas. His style is perfect, he makes really detailed drawings.

Is there a story behind the cover art?

We just said the things we wanted. There’s a lot of hidden stuff in the cover if you look good at it. If you know your mythical stuff, you can find a lot of cool stuff there. I won’t give it away.

For Announcing The End you signed with Despotz Records, what made you decide Despotz Records is the best choice at this moment?

They basically gave us a very good offer and actually they wanted to sign us for a couple of years. Now we were out of a contract and the pieces fit together, so we decided to try them. So far, it’s been really good.

Will you stay with them for your possible next album?

Yeah, we will probably release another album.

Announcing The End also marks Sparzanza’s 20 year anniversary, how do you look back at those past years?

It’s been a slow way upwards. It’s been fun, we played many countries. We drank a lot of beer and played a lot of good music. So it’s been very good.

What is the most memorable Sparzanza moment for you?

Headlining a festival in Finland where we played for 15000-20000 people or the time when we had to go to Finland on a short notice to replace Anthrax.

About things you haven’t done before with Sparzanza, what is still on your wishlist for the future?

For me that will probably be playing in the United States, basically touring all over the world, like a huge band. Together with Stone Sour maybe.

Since you already have a 20-year career, what would be your advice to young and starting bands nowadays?

Don’t give up. First of all you have to love what you’re doing, don’t do it for the money, because it isn’t there. You have to do it because you love it and people will know you do. Don’t give up to easily.

You already announced Scandinavian tourdates for the remainder of 2017. Can we expect some more touring in 2018?

Yeah, of course. This is just the first part of the tour, more will come.

Also planning to come to The Netherlands?

Hopefully, I never been there, so that would be cool.

Any future Sparzanza plans you can already tell us a bit about?

Not anything more than upcoming tours.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you for the interview and for giving us the opportunity to do this. I don’t think we are that well-known in The Netherlands, hopefully we will be. Keep on that heavy metal!

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