Review: Eon – Purgatory Inherited

Well! Retournez to the French Riviera en Toulon where some hyper-cool riffing at 1:38 takes place from the lads of EON (aka Element of Noise – cool!) on the lead track, Hatemakers, of their latest effort! I also am OK with their self-branded genre of ‘Fuckin’ Metal’ – ha-ha! Finally, someone that files it all under ‘M’ for Metal (although there are glimmers of deathcore and others in the mix, artfully played, I think).

A somewhat off putting Texas Chainsaw look to the FB page too. A little hokey for me but what the metal, right? Perhaps a more Heaven and Hell concept rather a slasher film as I don’t make the connection – frankly, I’m tired of that look on metal albums and yearn for something original. However, I’m also no graphic artist, so I’ll shut up about that.

The next and favourite track is Legacy of Shame and it rocks with Annihilator/Overkill overtones! A pounding piece of primordial pus destined for greatness. Some almost Scream-O work with Hokuto-no-Ken and not to my liking at all – too disjointed and just an abrupt ending.

The title track launches right into the Gravocals and keeps them going with decibel-laden vox through 00:58 – 1:12 – powerful stuff and good power to it all.

Immediately drawn to the title of Fuck Off Day, this is one angry song, if it’s possible to be angrier than the rest. Supernaturally fast riffs at about 2:37 onwards!

Scar, is by far, my new favourite! Some excellent thrash metal riffing right from the start and the jam is kept going. Some songs seem created on a certain type of vibe and this one had a good groove in the room when it was written or played. This is that hit-making (if that’s what you’re looking for) feel you need to get that song out of your system. An excellent feel and foot stomping damage-causer is sure to please even the hardest of cores.

Overall, this is a very good album and takes its place in the metal world. Some great talent and hard work has gone into this nicely engineered and technically precise recording. It’s a pleasure to listen to even though several songs just aren’t my thing. This is the wonder of metal, some are forged with an expert smithy, some, the smithy gets tired and some songs are OK but others are not. They keep this hammering however and have crafted a nice metal sword worthy of……..


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