Live review: Lynch Mob, SFD (Searching For Daybreak), Ryder at The Rockpile, Toronto, ON, Canada, November 4th, 2017


A super pleasant surprise of good ol’ fashioned rock n metal! They were playing as we got into the venue, already jammed to the gunnels, so missed some of their tunes, but what was heard was fabulous. You know when the sound of a band you’ve never heard but hits you just right? Great audio and a tight presentation, James Ryder: vocals/guitar, Andrew Bloch: guitar, Tim Freyr: bass and Billy Smith: drums from NYC garnered lots of love. Lovin’ their song Do or Die! No swag CD’s there but their EP IV, is available through their Facebook. They were pleasant as all grits at their merch table. Remarkable performance after driving 20 hours and then having to drive back! Putting on some rock n roll miles in addition to the miles they have already put on! Hilarious FB bit back at the hotel post-show. Keep goin lads! 9/10

SFD (Searching For Daybreak)


Admittedly, I was doing some intense networking here, but what I did hear was pretty good. More of an Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Shinedown groove especially their song Scream, (so not ultimately my favourite), but very solid and pretty intense presentation. Garrett Alto: vocals, Brad Black: guitar, Zakk Scott: bass and Steve Scott: drums do a great job as the act before Lynch Mob, ramping everyone up and getting the fists pumping. Their CD So Far Down is available on their Facebook. With a long and storied resume, playing with some big acts, these lads are sure to please the 90’s music fans, with some good rock riffs and beat laid down for the newbies of the world. 8/10

Lynch Mob

From the set list, it pretty much went as expected with the unseen bonus addition of the Dokken gem, Tooth and Nail. Their musicianship and onstage presence was awesome and their experience shone through, navigating the above-average annoying, high-flying phone fans. A few pictures, OK, I’m taking them too, but wasting a front row space and videoing the whole show? C’mon!

My highlight was seeing Mr. Scary performed in its entirety. A scorching 5+minute guitar solo that has been my favourite (except for Triumph’s Rik Emmet’s Rock n Roll Machine) from the Dokken classic album Back for the Attack. Lynch powered through this in his inimitable style, searing riffs and face-melting licks and I am glad I got to see this up close in this excellent venue.

Oni Logan’s vox are as searingly great as ever, glad you’re back in brotha! and the backbone pound-sound of drummer Jimi D’Anda and Sean McNabb’s thundering, chest-burster bass completed this perfect rock picture. Sorry, I can’t take a picture worth a damn, but I hope these convey the feeling of that night’s vibe. (I was trying not to be one of those clowns with their phone in the air for too long).

Sadly, the troupe didn’t come to the swag table except for Sean where I got my copy of Brotherhood signed but alas, my Back for the Attack cd will probably remain blank forevermore.

Overall 9/10 great show!

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