Live review: Seita, Apophys at Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 9th, 2017

Today Amsterdam based death/thrash metal band Seita released their new, second full-length album called Maledictus Mundi. They celebrated this release with a Maledictus Mundi releaseparty in the upstairs venue of the Melkweg, in their hometown.

When arriving at the Melkweg I saw two big crowds of people waiting outside of the venue, but both weren’t looking like metalheads. It turned out one of those was waiting for Princess Nokia (according to the Melkweg website some hiphop/r&b), and the other crowd being there for a Finnish rockband called Sunrise Avenue. After a while I saw some metalheads waiting for Seita.

When arriving at Melkweg’s upstairs venue it seems like it’s some sort of movie theater venue, even with some higher placed seats in the back. The stage was very low, only a bit higher than the audience.

First it was time for the support act Apophys to warm up the crowd. The venue, which was really small, wasn’t very full yet. However Apophys started their set at full speed. With their intense music, combined with a very intense, hectic light show, they really played a very heavy show. Drummer Michiel van der Plicht and bassist Sid van Kastel are definitely the very solid backbone for Apophys. They literally made the ground shake with their bass tunes. Vocalist Kevin Quilligan has a very brutal voice and with his movements like some kind of evil maniac he really delivered a very good show. Besides some little issues with one of the guitars in one track, Apophys played a great show!

After a short break, it was time for Seita to enter the stage. While this break only lasted for around 15 minutes or so, the venue was quickly getting packed with people who wanted to see these Amsterdam metallers. When Seita started with their first notes it was immediately clear that Seita fans are very dedicated. Having seen this Seita show I now completely understand why. They deliver such an intense, extreme, chaotic (in a good way) show! This is something which punches your body so hard, it is impossible not feeling it. The band shows a lot of energy and succeeds in bringing this onto the audience. Especially bassist Diego Gomez shows a very high level of energy. What a show!

I think this releaseparty for Seita’s new full-length album Maledictus Mundi was a great success and I would highly recommend seeing Seita and Apophys live. Great, heavy, intense shows and you won’t regret it.

Photos by John van der Zee

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