Review: Drakkar – Diabolical Empathy

The intro, featuring The Arrival is bizarre, complete with eerie whispers, monkeys and other jungle sounds. Perfect for the All Hallow’s Eve season and finely introducing this very experienced and historical band! From Mons, Richy (guitar) – Pat (guitar) – Leny (vocals) – Adrien (drums) – Humungus (bass) are again very welcome into the metal world!

A long and storied past, they have overcome much adversity and risen strong with this heavy, powerful piece. They have done many past shows and the only current one I see on their FB is as support for Tank and Raven! Unfortunately I am nowhere near Maasmechelen to see this incredible lineup.

Drawing from themes such as Padre Pio’s stigmata, the mind of Jefferery Dahlmer and the works of Goya, they are a very entertaining, intelligent group of songs.

Stigmata is my favourite with crunching string abuse and broken, guttural vox.

There is some crazy thrash/speed and power metal riffing and chords in Rose Hall’s Great House with hardcore musicianship and great tempos. An upbeat song indeed!

The Witches Dance with its Maidenish guitar duets and wailing fills is fast, angry and instantly recognizable, this is the stuff we air-guitared to!

Thundering metal albums such as these are punctuated by ground-pounders by a seeming hit and Lucifereo Moderno is it. Now my favourite song, sorry Stigmata, you lose out. The perfect arrangement is metal meets melodic metal with crowd revving chants sure to be a live hit.

Although I don’t get the inclusion of 1:21 West Allis, it would make nice filler at the end of a cassette tape.

The remainder of this record gets raves all around; powerfully played and well produced, it’s a metal dream!

The closing warbled outro of Opening Towards the End inspired by Carmen’s Bizet, is a bizarre little piece like the intro, balancing the album off but I would have preferred another full song.


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