Review: Mindkult – Lucifer’s Dream

As a follow-up to their 2016 EP called Witches’ Oath Mindkult released their debut full-length album Lucifer’s Dream. Venturing more into the occult realm with fuzzy force!

After striking the first string you can definitely feel doom and smell the disgusting smell of sulfur in the air straight from lucifer’s throne. Followed up by a creeping guitar solo that feels like a melancholic blues lick to get you in the mood. With the clean vocals they hit a mark not many bands could pull off. A very empty, distanced sound but still prominently apparent. It’s really Ozzy Osbourne-like in an early Black Sabbath way but still it’s not a copy but really inspired by.

In any form or way you could classify this as stoner-rock, doom, metal but the most important tag is definitely the groovy elements. It captivates you and drags you down to hell to follow Lucifer’s Dream. The album is very cohesive and doesn’t feel unfinished when the last note strikes. The duration of the album is just enough to keep your attention with it all the time.

For clever use of known elements within stoner/doom metal I rank this album 8/10.
Because Mindkult didn’t really reinvent the wheel but surely helped refine it.

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