Review: Damn Pigeon – Whisky Sinners

Hearing this for the first time, I was surprised the avenue taken was not more glam metal given the tremendous experience of lead vocalist Doug Weir formerly of Syre, but they are a collective writing band with incredible versatility to cross genres and delve into more progressive overtones. Seeing them live was an experience! (Check our live review here)

The team is: Joe Edmiston (guitars/backing vocals), Doug Weir (guitars/lead vocals), Steve Proctor (guitars/backing vocals), Jason Latimer (drums/backing vocals) and Steve Proud (bass guitars/backing vocals), all Canadian, all metal, all in the St. Thomas/London ON area.

The album is perfectly produced by Proudy and Proctor (I don’t really know, I just liked all the P’s together) and is a blistering rendition of what an eclectic mix of prog rock, metal and ‘harmonious funk’ (yea, I said it…) are all about.

From pounding rockers like Starlight and Killswitch to melodic haunting tracks such as my favourite Haunted, the ‘slow’ song, powerful and tear jerking, Meet You in the Sunset, this record should be a new standard of rock and metal, leaning towards a more progressive edge, easily done if they wish it, as there are scads of experience and know-how with this group.

Dreaming is a soulful bluesy slow one that pulls the heartstrings, my definite fave for hopeful days in the future; we need more songs like this. That guitar echo literally sparked a memory back to the days of seeing Aldo Nova. That is something else boys.

Fourteen tracks and each one is in its own world with its own view of the world; a very well done crisp album, punctuated with another fave, Stripper Crotch. Killer chords and beats and sure to be a crowd-chanter, this is what fun rock is all about. Everywhere, the sad girl song, is belted out soulfully with amazing harmonies, maybe even enough to make some Canadian radio airwaves?

In all, this is an amazing 14 track album (beautiful value here as opposed to the standard 9 or 10) and hopefully, as a sounding board for getting some radio airplay and more exposure to our Canadian metal acts, which hold their own, in any generation.

10/10 overall, but each song can easily touch that score on its own!

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