Interview + giveaway: Rise Of The Wood

In November the Dutch stoner metallers of Rise Of The Wood released their debut album First Seed. DutchMetalManiac’s Tim van Velthuysen spoke with their bassist Alex Wijnhorst about the debut, their Metal Battle adventure among other things. DutchMetalManiac is also giving away one First Seed cd! See more info here!

Hey, how are you?

I’m good! I was looking forward for your questions!

You’re a relatively new band, but you aren’t strangers in the scene. Can you tell us something about how Rise Of The Wood started?

We started in a way that’s normal for a band I guess. Just jamming some covers and hanging out together. In a short time we start writing our own songs.

After a half year we had a representative setlist and hit the stage for the first time!

Congratulations on your debut full-length First Seed. It sounds really great!

Thanks man, we’re really proud it! Most of it, like the guitars, bass and vocals we recorded in the home studio of our guitarplayer Jeff. Only the drum was recorded in the Plug unit Studio in Reeuwijk.

Hans WM Pieters did a great job on the mixing and mastering! We wanted to have a big massive sound but also not too muddy and I think he succeeded with that!

How does it feel to have your debut released?

It’s great to have the album released and to hear and read all the responses about it.

Also we’re stoked that we can work on new material now.

How are the reactions on it so far?

Better than we could imagine! From the beginning we knew we wrote some good songs, but when it all come out and you read the positive reviews it’s like: Hell Yeah!!

We were in one album yearlist for 2017 together with youth idols like Paradise Lost, Kreator and Sepultura, so that was the best that ever could happen!

You all come from different musical backgrounds. How does your writing process go and do those different musical backgrounds have its reflections in that process? If yes, in what way?

The foundation of the songs are mostly written by Jeff and myself. We recorded a rough demo of a song at home so that everybody could already know how it sounds. At a rehearsal we finish the songs and everybody comes with more ideas.

Indeed we all come from different music backgrounds. We’ve former band histories in Death/Thrash/Doom/Punk/Progressive/Nu-Metal bands. Everybody still likes their own genre so we try to combine that in Rise of the Wood!

What makes Rise Of The Wood stand out in the stoner metal subgenre?

I think our songs are more to the point with no endless jam sessions. When we play a riff 4 times it’s just good for us and we go the next part of the song. Really basic popsong structures actually.

Also with Nol as a singer we can combine a lot of different moods in our song, from aggressive to bluesy and all that’s between.

Recently you played in the first round of the Dutch Metal Battle. How was this experience?

Yeah we had a blast! Unfortunately we didn’t win but the response of the crowd was fantastic and that was for us the most important.

You already announced some shows for 2018. Can we expect more of them or not?

There are already some nice gigs coming up and in the summer we hit the festival season.

Still, we have some open spots so whoever reads this: Hook us up with your local stage!

Any other future plans you can already tell us something about?

We’re planning a small tour in Germany in spring and are already writing stuff for our second album.

Thanks for your answers! Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Thanks for reading about Rise of the Wood. You can listen to First Seed on Spotify, Bandcamp or Youtube.

See you at a show!!

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