Review: Anthrophagus – Anima In Decay

Ready for some massive death metal? Because the Belgian guys from Anthrophagus, Glenn Leuckx (lead guitar/vocals), Wout Havaux (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), Antoine Sohier (bass) and Maxime Moreira (drums) got a new album released. After their demo from 2009, Putrefaction Through Retribution and their EP from 2012, Cleansing The Red Light District, they released their first full-length album on November 1st. It is called Anima In Decay. This is their first release with Glenn on vocals (besides guitar) after the departure of Wim Vandenbranden in 2012. It is also the first release on which bassist Antoine can be heard after the departure of Gregory Bars in 2014.

The first track of Anima In Decay, Slaughterhouse Orgy, starts with a creepy intro, to shake you up when Anthrophagus bursts out with their musical violence. Slaughterhouse Orgy is a perfect opener and promises a lot for the remainder of Anima In Decay. Something which immediately stands out are the pounding drums from Maxime. He plays very tight and he appears to be a very solid backbone of Anthrophagus on this entire album. Besides that he, as Anthrophagus’ backbone, takes care of a very solid musical basis, there for sure is space for him for to show his skills, which are great! Glenn’s growls sound raw and filthy which perfectly fits their death metal. The backing vocals sometimes sound a bit more screamy, which is a very nice addition. Of course, the guitars are very present in a great way, with sometimes even a nice guitarsolo, for example in the before mentioned Slaughterhouse Orgy. The addition of the shredding guitars is also nice. Anthrophagus plays their death metal in a very tight way. Anima In Decay is pretty complex death metal, but it won’t be too complex. The complexity is mostly coming from the many rhythm-changes, but it isn’t getting proggy.

The energy coming from Anima In Decay is overwhelming. Combined with the fact that there is a lot going on here, makes that this is an album you might need to recover from, in a good way. Or are you strong enough for an immediate replay of Anima In Decay?

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