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In 2008, five guys from Graz, Austria formed a band called Klynt. Now, 10 years later, Klynt is a four-man-band with two of the four members being there from the start. These two band members are vocalist Dadu and bassist Lexi. Furthermore, Klynt’s members are guitarist Flavi and drummer Alex. In 2011, they released their first material, a demo called Epic As Fuck E.P. This demo got a successor in 2012 with their full-length debut Of Klynt And Man. Now, since May last year, Klynt added a second full-length album. This one is titled Faustbreaker.

What immediately stands out within Klynt’s music on Faustbreaker are the vocals on this album. Most of Dadu’s vocals are clean power metal-esque vocals with a very low voice. At first, this sounds a bit weird and maybe even a bit forced. Your attention will probably go to these vocals very soon, because these stand out very much. Of course, this results in less of your attention going to the other parts of Klynt’s Faustbreaker. However, this is not really fair, because the other band members are playing very nice with guitarist Flavi as an absolute highlight. When Flavi gets some space to show his skills a bit more, he gratefully uses this space by playing some very nice solo’s. A few examples can be heard in Faustbreaker and Kitsune.

The vocals I described above might be something to get used to. However, there are also some other vocal styles to be found on Faustbreaker. From time to time there are some high-pitched shouts that sound very cool. Sporadically there are even some thrashy vocals and grunts to be found, for example in Deadly Prey and Allegiance Of Wolves. If you aren’t used to the earlier described vocals above yet, the a bit thrash-ier tracks Deadly Prey, Kitsune and Thrash FM might be good to start with. In my opinion, those vocals fit a bit better in these tracks.

Other tracks I would recommend are the calmly-starting To Absent Friends with at a certain moment two different clean vocal lines at the same time, which creates a very nice effect. This To Absent Friends is also the most melodic track on this album. Another very nice track on this album from Klynt is the mostly instrumental track Epicness Initiated… GOOOSH MODE! with a little bit of choir-like vocals at the end of it.

This Faustbreaker album of these Austrian metallers Klynt won’t be one of my favorite albums. However, after I got used to the vocals after a few times listening to it, it seems to be a solid album. My favorite track on Faustbreaker still is the mostly instrumental Epicness Initiated… GOOOSH MODE! but Deadly Prey, Kitsune and Thrash FM are very close behind it.

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