Review: Peace Is Just A Break – Little Boy

Swiss melodic death metal quintet Peace Is Just A Break are around since 2011. While they played several shows up until now, it took until October 2017 to release their debut album, Little Boy. Better late than never – let’s give it a spin!

Little Boy kicks off with Peace Is Just A Break (the track), a very melodic, fast-paced death metal song. Spiked with nice growls and kick-ass lyrics, this track is sure to stick with you for a while. Next up is Alice In Monsterland, a track on which you can discern some influence by In Flames. Like the first track, it’s also spiked with catchy tunes and sticks, also thanks to the title 😉 . The album’s third track, Insane Circles, starts more midtempo and stompy, but picks up speed very soon. A perfect track to headbang to! War Is Over is somewhat alike, but that’s surely not a bad thing, as every melodeath enthusiast will truly enjoy this track. Tunguska, on the other hand, starts off way more rock’n’roll-y, but then turns into a full-blown death metal track with some black influences. An interesting combination that is highly recommended to check out. Another great find is the slower Rain, which has even some ballad-like moments in it. A chance to breathe through, then, before the album closes off with two more melodeath tracks of their own, as well as a cover of Maître Gims’ Brisé.

In conclusion: well, it is quite obvious that I really like the album. Why? While it’s clearly a melodic death metal album, it’s not more of the same, but has a nice diversity to it that keeps you, as a listener, engaged from start to the end. Also, production’s great and the guys are very good musicians, so what more is there to ask for? Go check it out! 10/10.

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